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     Project USS Constellation

The Constellation turning job is 100% voluntary for members of the Chesapeake Woodturners.  The museum will provide all required turning stock.  We would specify the sizes of the blanks needed for each of the two pieces.  The small spindles are probably going to be turned out of poplar or other paint-grade material.  The belaying pins are traditionally turned out of exotic hardwoods like purpleheart and used as a universal tool for levering; tying off halyards, sheets and lines; and a host of other general tasks common aboard a large wooden sailing vessel.  The museum officials have not yet indicated what finish is to be applied to the belaying pins.  They need about 175 belaying pins and around 300 small spindles with the first group of 20 of each by this June.

Please find the designs below.  You may print the .pdf file that contains the small spindle drawing at 1:1 size (by turning off the �fit to page� flag), the resulting drawing should be the correct size.  We should be able to create some full sized drawings of the belaying pins using the large plotter thanks to our club president.  We have created multiple story-sticks for the turning and expect to begin the first turning sessions and wood pick-up in Temple's shop as follows:

Saturday, June 2, 1:00 - 5:00
Sunday, June 3, 11:00 -- 5:00

Saturday/Sunday June 9 TBA

Fox 45 Coverage

Project participants:  Temple Blackwood (project coordinator -- email to volunteer) -- click for the study guide (using PowerPoint 2003) (study guide using Java) presentation for the belaying pin turning

John Abt Gene Adcock Allen Alexopulos Doug Bartos  Alex Blackwood Jeff Bridges
George De La Grange

Chuck Engstrom

Charlie Hutchinson Bill Kost Margaret Lospinuso Jim Luck
Tim Moore Lou Rudinski Ted Rudie Bob Smith John Styer Halsey Tribble

Print Belaying Pin

Print Ward Room Gallery spindle     

Project Process:  March 2007, Allen Alexopulos is contacted by the USS Constellation Museum officials requesting help

At the March 17 meeting of the Chesapeake Woodturners, the members vote to take on the project and begin to form the turning teams

Next up: acquiring the materials, setting up the story sticks, creating a turning calendar for individuals and teams

May 1, 2007 Deliver the finished belaying pins and Ward Room spindles to the project site.